Colección: LED Rechargeable Color Changing GlowTrays

- The New GlowTray Cookies Rechargeable LED Rolling Tray will allow you to get lit anytime and anywhere.

- With rotating color options, a quick charging cable, an extra-long battery life, and a micro-suede travel bag, Glo Tray keeps you prepared to turn up and light up any situation.

- GlowTray only uses the most innovative and up to date technology.
Long-Lasting LED lights, reinforced USB-C Port and high capacity charging cable, extra strength PCB board with charging resistor.

*** NOTE: All of our products are tested before they are shipped to you!
Please fully charge the device before using (~2 hrs) & avoid using while charging ***
  • World's First Illuminated LED Glowing Tray
  • Multiple LED Light Color Change manual or automatic
  • Rechargeable Battery (up to 3-4 hours of light)
  • Includes Suede Carry Bag
  • Includes USB-C Charge Cable, Quick Charge 
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"